June 17, 2024

State of Quake: Sacrifice League – Season 1

State of Quake presents State o Sac: SACRIFICE LEAGUE. A Monthly battle to see which Sacrifice team will reign supreme.

– 5 weeks of round-robin matches leading up to a single elimination playoff bracket.
– 6 players max per team (4 minimum + 2 slots for subs)

Bracket: https://www.toornament.com/en_US/tournaments/2790683251424813056/information
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/stateofquake
Discord: https://discord.gg/eDTjGCs

Teams: #

Division 1
1Economic Purchasing Power psygib br1ck festiveturtle Effortless Relish 416
2Fully Loaded klyb dzl bstealth j00h taillessbeef 411
3Spectacle Acidreign k0mbit ENHANCE Booboy Holdennn 49
4Clump Sack SHrulez, Mike, fishy, Redoxide, Friday, Mordie 42
5Baguette & Beer ColdSouL, Gresh, Vifer, Salconn, Ton1, Rosteeld 4-2
Division 2
1Positive Squad pthy Erebux deathr0w HaloLagann Cody 416
2Real Wild and Wacky Stuff Motocru eXtwofour Aaron286 ease5000 Zildjian maxter 412
3Unorganized Nab1bator20 Ph1do Roo6 HOPSmack Billrussell MonoxideChild 48
4Low Hanging Sacs Sully Wildcard slomoe Eisa Swil Satanspy 43
5State of Quake UNKiND1 d Ron S l i p Flame Nessy Maynasty 41
Division 3
1 LPB vig1lante malvoe Septastic x Supr x jbacc CorePuncher 416
2Cookies n Cream XZIST RLB d3th reflux topknot 411
3Table Flippers kRyst4l Calum sh1verz nautilus88 Xiango Kremion 49
4 TeqR esports Trouble Bagelzend Chief Taka 44
5 Underdogs goonchamp mongral evilhf savagedog Flawlessz 4-1

Week 1: 9/1 – 9/8 #

Baguette & Beer 0vs3 Spectacle
Fully Loaded 3vs 0Clump Sac
Real Wild and Wacky Stuff 3vs0Unorganized
Cookies n Cream3vs0Underdogs
Low Hanging Sacs2vs1State of Quake
LBP3vs 0TeqR esports

Week 2: 9/9 – 9/15 #

Economic Purchasing Power 3vs0Baguette & Beer
Fully Loaded 2vs 1Spectacle
Positive Squad3vs 0Unorganized
Real Wild and Wacky Stuff 3vs 0Low Hanging Sacs
LPB3vs 0Underdogs
TeqR esports0 vs 3Table Flippers

Week 3: 9/16 – 9/22 #

Economic Purchasing Power 3vs0Clump Sac
Fully Loaded 3vs 0Baguette & Beer
Positive Squad3vs 0State of Quake
Unorganized 3vs 0Low Hanging Sacs
Cookies n Cream2vs 1Table Flippers
TeqR esports3 vs 0 Underdogs

Week 4: 9/23 – 9/29 #

Economic Purchasing Power 3vs0Fully Loaded
Clump Sac0vs 3Spectacle
Positive Squad3vs 0Low Hanging Sacs
State of Quake 0vs 3Real Wild and Wacky Stuff
Cookies n Cream3vs 0TeqR esports
Table Flippers0 vs 3LPB

Week 5: 9/30 – 10/6 #

Economic Purchasing Power 3vs0Spectacle
Clump Sac3vs 0Baguette & Beer
Positive Squad3vs 0Real Wild and Wacky Stuff
State of Quake 0vs 3Unorganized
Cookies n Cream0vs 3LPB
Table Flippers3 vs 0Underdogs

Play Offs: Saturday October 12th after the NA Challengers League is completed for the day #

Congrats to Economic Purchasing Power for their win of Season 1!

Full playoff bracket can be viewed here.

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