July 16, 2024

Corrupted Keep Lore

Ember of Cthugha

Only two features stand above Oriab’s molten barrens: the colossal monument to the Greatsword of Nodens, and the searing citadel that faces its blade.

Monument to the Greatsword of Nodens

Nodens is a deity and Elder God. He is the lord and master of the night gaunts, a race of strange flying creatures

Shantak's bones

The Great Spinal belongs to Shantak who was killed by giant spears. His body broke the roof of this building so it was not placed there on purpose.

Many Shantaks are known to serve the Outer God Nyarlathotep, and many more can be found in the service of the Great Old One Ithaqua, but the Shantaks of the Dreamlands are frequently ridden down and killed for sport by the Elder God Nodens, possibly explaining their fear of Nightgaunts; in the Dreamlands, Nightgaunts serve as the hunting-dogs of Nodens.

Statue of Goroth

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