July 16, 2024

Capture the Flag

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In capture the flag, two teams will face off and attempt to snatch each other’s flag while simultaneously defending their own. Such a task will require multiple players using teamwork and their own individual skill to attack and defend.

Rules #

  • The two Teams consist of 4 players each
  • Score a point by stealing the enemy team’s flag and returning it to your team’s base
  • To capture and score a point, your team’s flag must not be taken
  • Matches are split into 2 halves and teams will switch bases
  • Each halve (or round) lasts 8 minutes until mercy limit reached earlier
  • Mercy limit is 8 flag caps difference between teams (i.e. match will be ended if score will be something like 10:2)
  • The team with the most flag capture points wins the match
  • If the second round results in a tie, overtime will be started
  • In overtime first flag cap will be last one and determine who wins the match
  • CTF has scoring bonuses for killing the flag carrier(+1), retrieving the flag (+1), and capturing (+5), dealt to enemy 100 damage (+1)
  • Flag Drag, causing Flag Carriers’ maximum movement speed to be reduced to 80%. Movement below these reduced limits remain uninhibited
  • Flag carrier drops flag by hitting ability button (active abilities can’t be used while carrying a flag)
  • Dropped flag returns to own base after 15 seconds if nobody pick it up before that)

Flag of your team is blue and enemy’s is red. Banners near bases has same colors and symbols

Maps #

  • Blood Covenant
  • Burial Chamber
  • Church of Azathoth
  • Citadel
  • Lockbox
  • Ruins of Sarnath
  • Tempest Shrine
  • Tower of Koth
  • The Longest Yard

Tips #

  • Base always should has defend. No cap for enemy – no loose for you
  • As a defender remember it’s matters only of few seconds for fast champions to steal flag and be in center of an arena so be close to flag as possible or make sure all base entrances guarded
  • Usually base has 3 entrances
  • Attackers should attack enemy base in same time. One may distract enemies from one side while teammate steals flag and runs away
  • Enemy flag harder to see when it’s on the ground
  • You can track flags position by tracker under score

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