April 24, 2024

Blood Covenant Lore

Faceless monks tend its onyx-lined sluiceways, lest even a gobbet of the celebrants’ ichor should fail to reach their Ravening Shepherd.

Shade Guards also known as faceless monks

Volkerh’s Blood Covenant was a blood pact formed with his followers which allows him to convert the blood of sacrificial bodies into a dark energy which sustains his life force. This blood comes from willing devotees, forced ceremonial sacrificial lambs, and the blood of combatants forced to fight in his arenas.

Blood Pool
The Balcony

These figures resembles statues of Blood Bearers

Blood Bearer statue

Outside looks like sky but it’s not

Vision in The Clouds
Probably giant tentacles is what helped Volkerh to move his cathedrals and churches into a space.
Statue of M’yriah

Myriah was the first follower and high priest of Volkerh.

Volkerh on Stained Glass

Images of Volkerh resembles by form his followers and by being shapeshifter Volkerh could appears is this starspawn form to get them.

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