June 17, 2024

Season 22 Update (14th March 2024)

Quake Champions 2024 Season 22 – Spring Update


New Content:

  • SPRING PODIUM Level 100 in the BP

  • Sorlag SPRING EGG Vanity Level 1 in the BP

  • Quake 4 SMC Squad icons (8) Earned throughout the BP

Spring Map Décor:

  • Awoken – Spring décor, fog has cleared, the sun is out
  • Deep Embrace – Spring décor, and a visitor or two have arrived
  • Ruins of Sarnath – Spring décor
  • Tempest Shrine – Spring décor, rain and lightning has stopped, sky is clearing

New Map for Duel & 2v2:

  • The Tower of Koth reworked for Duel & 2v2
  • Removed large Cathedral pillar room
  • Resized the geometry to be 90% of it’s original size.
  • Adjusted stair collision
  • Added new spawn points
  • Removed teleporter exit speed limits
  • Adjusted collision on both sides of the green FX tower above SNG
  • Adjusted positioning of a breakable mesh element behind the RL TP to prevent exploitation of totems (that may still be placed there)

New Features:

  • Added Hitbeep Volume
  • Added Killbeep Volume

Performance Icon Optimizations:

  • Optimized the elapsed frame time tracking
  • Fixed false positives events for minor frame drops
  • Fixed non-functioning events for major frame drops
  • Misc code cleanup for optimizations and reduced CPU overhead

Shotgun Performance Pass:

  • Switched trace style from spherical ray to a point trace (removing pellet radius)
  • Reduced starting shotgun pellet count from 17 to 8
  • SG : 1 / - / 7 pellets
  • Reduced super shotgun pellet count from 25 to 12
  • SSG: 1 / 4 / 7 pellets
  • Increased damage per pellet from 5 dmg 10 dmg, total damage decreased from 85 to 80 for SG and from 125 to 120 for SSG
  • Adjusted spread values to account for the new pellet size and count
  • Damage falloff distance increased from 6.4 to 12.8 m (256 to 512u)
  • Fixed SSG visual FX bug where it cycled between 2 & 3 rings (between the SG & SSG spread patterns) when holding fire
  • The display of the shotgun hit FX are no longer delayed by one frame

Mini-Mega Health:

  • This 25 hp overstack item with a 15 second respawn has been changed to a 50 hp no overstack item with a 30 second respawn
  • Bloom FX toned down, so was to not over-emphasize the item now that it no longer overstacks

Deep Embrace:

  • Fixed the lod (Level of Detail) mesh at murder hole

The Dark Zone:

  • Resized The Dark Zone to be 125% its original size, to give players more space
  • Cleaned up geometry, removed unseen
  • Improved lightmap texture density
  • Optimized lightmap with video quality
  • Fixed hole on ramp below Tri-bolt

The Longest Yards:

  • The Longest Yard – Fixed the size of the rock kill volumes
  • The Longest Yard CTF – Fixed the size of the rock kill volumes

Unholy Trinity Fixes:

  • Fixed UHT armor loadout (Example: Ranger should spawn 100 max armor points, not 50 starting ap nor 175 overmax ap)

Main Theme Music:

  • Made the Quake Champions main theme available to listen to in-game. Created by Chris Vrenna (Tweaker, Nine Inch Nails), our main theme is an amazing track and it is now available in-game, debuting as an alternative main menu music selection.

Misc Changes/Fixes:

  • Extra decimal in sensitivity settings
  • Adjusted the performance icon thresholds for minor frame drops
  • Assigned the Learn, Season Pass, and Challenges UI menu background cameras to new positions to address podium visibility issues
  • Now use the blackghost shader of the customization pip previews for vanity items
  • Fixed sizing of Eisen’s FROSTED HAT vanity
  • Fixed sizing of Eisen’s LEATHER HAT vanity
  • Fixed missing shard dismantle offer for Scalebearer’s CYAEGHA’S GAMBIT vanity
  • Disabled voice chat while investigating MSS platform issues


  • Removed Killbeep Off in favor of Volume 0

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