May 22, 2024

Corrupted Keep

Only two features stand above Oriab’s molten barrens: the colossal monument to the Greatsword of Nodens, and the searing citadel that faces its blade.

Items #

Corrupted Keep does not offer the Rail Gun. You’re Going to have to get up close and personal.

  • Quad [DM]
  • Protection [DM]
  • Heavy Amor
  • Mega Health
  • Armor (x2)
  • Health Bubble (x8)
  • Hourglass (x6)
  • Machine Gun Ammo (x2)
  • Nail Gun Ammo (x2)
  • Rail Ammo (x0)
  • Rocket Ammo (x2)
  • Lightning Gun Ammo (x1)
  • Shotgun Ammo (x2) 
  • Tri-bolt Ammo (x2)
  • Ammo Box (x12) [DM]

Game Modes #

  • Team Death Match
  • Clan Arena
  • Deathmatch
  • Free for All
  • Time Limited Duel
  • Duel Rounds
  • 2v2 TDM
  • Instagib
  • Team Instagib
  • Unholy Trinity
  • Hot Rockets
  • Mystery Champions

Areas #

The Great Spinal Hall #

Beneath the colossal shantak bones lies a testament to Goroth. The Mega Health a symbol of the life we give in servitude to the The Sire of Embers. The slipgate at his feet leads one upward to the Lightning Gun. A broken wall section nearby often allows for a quick escape along with a few important Cooldown Hourglasses before fleeing towards Noden’s Outcropping.

Noden’s Outcropping #

A quick retreat away from the Mega Health, Noden’s Outcropping gives vista to the Greatsword monument. Here the Heavy Machinegun, two Small Healths and a Light Armor allow players to quickly gear up, but be wary of rocket attacks that could send you flying into the molten barrens below.

Inner Courtyard #

The lower level of the courtyard is surrounded by second story stone balconies that will leave any player below wishing for high ground. A jumppad at the end of the courtyard can provide that escape, with a Rocket Launcher as a reward for any that makes it safely to the top. When played in DM or TDM, the Power-Up spawns in the center of the courtyard.

Barbican Tower #

This narrow tower surrounding the Heavy Armor provides only brief sanctity to players, as it can easily be assaulted from three sides. The slipgate can grant a quick escape toward the Inner Courtyard or you can try to flee on ground up the covered hall towards rockets or towards the Ember of Cthugha.

Ember of Cthugha #

Beneath the eternally burning spark, a single fallen ember of Cthugha, lies a Light Armor and a staircase leading to a Super Nailgun. But the room is perhaps most often coveted for two Small Healths on the upper ledge that can quickly provide restore a wounded player.

Ambience #

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