June 17, 2024

Burial Chamber Lore

On the edge of Oriab, amid colossal shantak bones, the cenotaph of Goroth’s long-dead champion slowly succumbs to Mount Ngranek’s molten grasp.

Shantak's Demise

Enormous birds larger than any elephant, Shantaks have a slimy, reptilian skin, a pair of membranous, bat-like wings and a head which is said to resemble that of a horse. They are known to inhabit the Cold Wastes region of Dreamlands, where they are sometimes used as mounts by the denizens of that strange land, although they are deeply fearful of the Nightgaunts which also live there.

Champion's cenotaph

Long dead champion is probably deemed as such by those who follow Goroth. This is the cenotaph, an empty tomb of Goroth’s Champion that looks like part of the Bride of Retribution at the center of the arena


Oriab is a large island in the Southern Sea of the Dreamlands. It is lush and fertile. Its most prominent landmark is the tall, Ngranek is mountain that used to have snow-cap. Caves in Ngranek connect with tunnels that stretch to the lower reaches of the Dreamlands. Nightgaunts regularly use these passageways to travel to and from the Underworld.

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