June 17, 2024


Athena: Marooned GDF #

Her GDF Academy recon training was cut short when the Strogg invaded Earth. When the Terran were ready to counterattack the Strogg homeworld years later, Athena was among the first in line. But the Strogg were expecting them. Just after the dropships launched their pods, a powerful EMP disabled all but a few. She assumed her pod would become her coffin. Then, a miracle: ground forces destroyed the Slipgate generator, sending a shockwave of otherworldly energy outward from the surface. It swept across her pod, taking her… somewhere else.

HEALTH DECAY RATE 1 per 1 second
ARMOR DECAY RATE 1 per 1 second
RUN SPEED 320 ups
MAX SPEED 1000 ups

Grappling Hook:
Athena will launch a grappling hook to the targeted location and immediately pull herself towards it. While in flight, Athena can stop pulling herself and instead swing, allowing her to perform impressive maneuvers.

Active Ability Tips:

While in flight, Athena can switch her hook into the Swing Hook by tapping and holding the ability button, locking the length and instead allowing her to swing from her target.

Hook deal 25 damage if it hits enemy directly and Athena deal additional 20 damage by bumping into enemy. Take in mind enemy can interrupt hook by dealing 50 damage to Athena.

The hook’s cooldown work similarly like Keel grenades i.e. they can all be independently used with each hook’s cooldown being added to the total ability cooldown

  • Cooldown: 60 seconds (15 sec / hook)
  • Number of Hooks: 3
  • Minimum Delay Between Hooks: 800 ms
  • Grappling Hook Damage: 25 damage
  • Impact Damage While Swinging: 20 damage
  • Collision knockback: 50
  • Weapon Disable Duration: 0.5 seconds
  • Grapple Throw and Swing Activation Delay: 0.1 seconds
  • Grapple Sequential Use Delay: 1 second
  • Grapple Pull Initial Impulse: 400 ups
  • Grapple Pull Initial Speed: 400 ups
  • Grapple Swing Velocity Max Speed: 1000 ups
  • Grapple Hook Length: 4000 u
  • Damage to Athena for breaking Grapple Hook rope: 70 damage

Ramp Jump also known as Double Jump or Chain Jump. Basically it’s the same trick that was in Quake 2 and CPMA but stronger and easier to do. Athena can reach great heights by using the top step or ramp as a launching platform. 

Lore Scrolls #

“TCM Central Command to Command Staff, TCS Ogoun and TCS Apedemak: OPERATION ALIEN OVERLORD, final objective designations: Primary: Establish mass-data communications uplink (optimal and fallback target locations identified in attachment B). Neutralize planetary defense system, code designation “Big Gun.” Neutralize Strogg slipgate generator. Eliminate Strogg Chief Warlord, designation Makron. Secondary: Neutralize Cerberon laser defense grid. Establish on-site base camps (optimal and fallback target locations identified in attachment E). TCS Ogoun companies to pursue primary objectives. TCS Apedemak companies to pursue secondary objectives, then prepare to engage primaries in case of initial failure. Godspeed, Marines.”

“TCS Ogoun to TC Command. Slipgate transit successful, Stroggos atmospheric incursion successful, all systems nominal. Request final go/no go. Attention all units, green light confirmed. Alien Overlord is go; repeat, Alien Overlord is go. Alpha Company, deploy! Beta Company in 30… Alpha Company impact in five-point-five mikes. Looking good so far; planetary batteries appear unable to target drop pods. Impact in four mikes. Units Alpha 802, 803, 807, 811, adjust heading. You’re too tempting a target clumped like— Power surge in planetary defenses! We’re not reading— EMP! EMP! My God, it’s — Full atmospheric coverage! All pods, brace for—”

“No idea if this thing’s even recording. It looks like a few internal systems rebooted off the emergency life support battery, but I don’t have screens to tell me which ones. All major systems are offline. Hatch release failed. So did the emergency backup because THIS POD’S A PIECE OF SHIT AND I’M GOING TO DIE IN HERE WITHOUT FIRING A GODDAMN SHOT! Sorry, frustrated. This is unit Alpha 808, Lance Corporal Athena Hayes, Terran Coalition Marine Expeditionary Force, recording. I hope. Location unknown. Trapped in drop pod, sounds of engagement audible but distant and fading. Shit.”

“Been stuck in this tin coffin for days now. Undetected by Strogg, which is a plus. Also undetected by TC forces—if there are any left—which means suffocation or starvation when LS-systems finally run out of juice. So that’s maybe less of a plus. You know I wasn’t supposed to be here? Laney, she was the one who was gonna be a soldier. Global Defense Force officer. Follow in the footsteps, family tradition, make Mom and Dad proud. They groomed her her entire life for this. And she washes out three weeks from graduation.”

“Didn’t even try to hide that she’d done it on purpose. Nobody gets through academy training and then fails final proficiencies that bad. Know what she told us? That after all the pageantry, all the talk of duty, she realized she could never actually kill anyone. Family disowned her, but standing up to them? First thing she did I really respected. I also saw a chance to finally catch Mom and Dad’s attention for myself, for a change. Hell, I’d been coasting for years. They ignored me for her, so I was everything she wasn’t. No goals. Didn’t care.”

“Never wanted to be a Marine, but never wanted anything else bad enough, either, so… I figured if I pulled off what she couldn’t, I might find some meaning. And some parents who gave a shit. Barely made the academy, but damn if I didn’t grow to love it. Parents told me every week they were just waiting for me to show my true colors, drop out. So I just worked harder. Would’ve graduated top of my year, too, if I’d had a chance to finish. Maybe that would’ve finally pleased them. Strogg ruined that plan.”

“No time left for officer training. Too many grunts needed. Once we finally drove them off, better believe I wanted to go finish the job. But now I guess it’s up to Rhino Squad. Still salty about Rhodes making— The hell was THAT? Some kind of blast. Everything’s distorted, tinted red. Oh god, don’t throw up, don’t throw up. The generator. They must’ve gotten the slipgate generator! Fuck you, Strogg! But if that… when the shockwave hits… Dammit. Maybe Earth is safe now. If this is recording, tell my mom and dad I’m sorr—”

“Half the viewport’s blocked. Best I can tell, I’m in a stone ruin. And I mean in it; pod’s stuck halfway in the wall, near the ceiling. Combat happening here. I’ve seen more than one firefight now. Cyborgs, aliens I’ve never seen, and a Marine, I think, in old, bulky body armor. Someone new coming into… Jesus! Anyone gets this record, they’re gonna think I’m crazy. It’s some kind of zombie! No cybernetics to keep him going, just a goddamn walking corpse in medieval armor! This can’t be real. Where the fuck am I?!”

“Okay, that last entry was embarrassing. Sorry. Life support’s failing. Hatch still jammed. I think I can reroute power from the systems still working into an electrical discharge. If I wait until one of the cyborgs is nearby, they may see it — or feel it. If not, I’ll slowly suffocate or die of thirst. If they do… they’ll probably try to kill me. But they’ll have to break open the pod to get to me. Maybe I can survive the first blast from one of those guns. Bad odds, but I’m dead if I don’t try.”

Artifact #

A flag from a GDF Academy training exercise—the last one her sister Laney completed before washing out.


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