June 17, 2024

Mid-Season 17 Update (23rd Febrary 2023)

New Content

🌟 Added LOVE SHAFT Lightning Gun.

Map Updates:
🔹 Promoted the secret overstack health bubble in Duel into a new 50HP overstack health item with new visuals of its own, and a 25 sec respawn time.
🔹 Moved Power-up to center low, made the 50HP in all modes on the lava pool column
🔹 Fixed a large number of collision, mesh, and visibility issues reported on PTS
🔹 Performance improvements
Deep Embrace:
🔹 Fixed exploit outside the MH window
🔹 Fixes to stair collision in blood pool
🔹 Fixed visibility blocker issue in the Heavy Armor room
The Longest Yard Capture the Flag version:
🔹 Fixed missing collision on center side rocks

Champions Updates:
🔹 Turret now despawns 1 minute after being deployed
🔹 Restored turret deploy delay from 1 to 2 seconds
🔹 Decreased cooldown between grenades from 800 to 500 ms

Game Updates:
🔹 Fixed Player is not blocked from voice, text or invites from non-friend Microsoft Store players when the privilege is set to Friends on Game Pass
🔹 Fixed Player is still able to hear player after muting them on Game Pass
🔹 Fixed Microsoft Store player that is in-game friends with Steam player may not hear voice chat with the setting set to in-game friends on Game Pass
🔹 Updated CPU & GPU autodetect settings database to have knowledge of all currently available hardware
🔹 Fixed the missing icon for the Stroyent pickup item
🔹 Fixed Keel’s ability description grenade count
🔹 Updated the “yellow shield” status effect icon, shown for Clutch & Scalebearer’s which denotes their damage reduction during ability, to be protection-green.
🔹 Fixed an issue with the Inverted Mouse option storage
🔹 Fixed an issue with the Damage Indicator option
🔹 Fixed multiple engine issues, mostly related to synchronization between the game scripts & the engine code. These are minor errors & warnings, just some maintenance.

Service Updates:
🔹 Performance updates
🔹 Anti-cheat updates
🔹 Security updates

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