June 17, 2024


The Dreamlands.

They are a series of separate connected domains, created by the Dreamers and ruled over by their Elder Gods – Vadrigar.

The Dreamlands are also where Quake Champions takes place – the various arenas in which the champions fight each other.  

As of right now we are privy to five of these domains:

·        The Realm of Black Magic

·       The Elder World

·        Dimension of the Doomed

·        The Netherworld

·        The Rift

Elder Gods, Dreamers, and Vadrigar.  

The Elder Gods are powerful cosmic beings with forms and motivations beyond human comprehension.

A Dreamer is a person who became delirious through contact or communion with an Elder God, who then spawned a domain in the Dreamlands out of their nightmares – twisted corners of their mind, turned into reality. These new realms share elements from that dreamer’s own experiences, causing elements from their lives and human culture to make their way into their dreamland.

The Vadrigar are a class of Elder Gods, who rule over their domains in the Dreamlands. A Dreamer, consumed from within, either creates or becomes a Vadrigar in the image of another Elder God. 

Currently there are four of them represented in Quake Champions:

Previous known rulers, temporarily defeated and succeeded by current ones in the ensuing power vacuums:
The Lurching King

The timeline of Quake Champions

The story of Quake Champions picks up 20 years after the events of Quake and takes place before Quake 3 Arena. While time in the Dreamlands works differently than what we are used to, with champions coming together from different periods, there are four eras which cover important events:

1996 – encompassing stories of Ranger, Visor, Slash, Anarki, Nyx, and Scalebearer.

2196 – covering the struggles of Athena, Strogg and Peeker, Keel, Eisen, and Clutch.

2396 – where Sorlag’s story takes place.

Dark Fantasy – an era impossible to pin down by Earth years as it is more closely related to the Dreamlands. Champions relating to this category – Galena and Death Knight.

It is Important to note that the events described in a particular era did not necessarily happen in the specific year, as there is a large span of time near them that defines that era, events happening over several decades.  

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