June 17, 2024

Loading Screen Hints

Here are all the small tips, or hints, on the map loading screen. Hopefully you can glean some information to improve your play experience! 

All pickups types can be identified by unique sounds. Learn to read your opponent by listening closely.
An effective use of Sorlag’s Acid Spit is to deny access to an area. Block enemies from waiting near a powerup, or from picking up health.
Anarki’s Injection increases his max health with every use. Collect Cooldown pickups to keep his health up! 
Anarki’s size and speed make him difficult to hit. Try to slow him down with rocket splash damage.
Be careful where you activate Peeker! Even though Strogg is camouflaged while Peeker is active, he is defenseless and unable to move.
Be wary of Ranger’s Dire Orb! It travels quickly and can be hard to see. If he teleports while the Orb is passing through you, things will get messy!
BJ’s Dual Wield will chew through enemy health with ease. The Lightning Gun especially becomes deadly against larger Champions.
BJ’s health regeneration allows him to easily endure short bursts of damage that can become dangerous for other Champions. Rocket jumps become less of a risk, and hazards like acid pits and lava can be shrugged off.
Clutch is enormous, making him vulnerable to Lightning Gun fire.
Clutch’s Air-Dodge passive ability is additive to his current velocity. Try combining it with jumppads and rocketjumps for high-speed maneuvering.
Custom Game can be a great place to play with friends, practice vs bots, or practice and improve your movement skills.
Don’t make the mistake of facing BJ while he is Dual Wielding. He will easily cut you down!
Doom Slayer’s Berserk greatly increases your speed and mobility. It can be used to escape fire fights and even dodge enemy fire.
Doom Slayer’s Double Jump can catch enemies off their guard. Use it to cross gaps other Champions cannot, or dodge rocket fire.
Feeling stuck? Check out the Learn tab on the main menu.
Galena’s Unholy Totems can be used to control the playing field. Place a totem at busy intersections to surprise enemies or gauge your enemy’s location when they set off a totem.
Heavy Armor and Mega Health respawn every 30 seconds. Try to time your battles to these items, as they give you an edge in fights.
Heavy Armor restores 100 armor points, increasing your armor capacity by up to 50 points of bonus armor that slowly decays.
Holding the high ground gives players a huge advantage, allowing you to rain rockets on your enemies.
It is better to find a weapon and get a full stack before fighting. Pickup weapons have more fire power than starting weapons, and a fuller stack allows you to fight more aggressively.
It is better to start a fight with your ability ready to use. Gather Cooldown pickups to speed up your ability’s cooldown.
Learn to assess how weak your opponent is. Each champion makes a pain sound when below 100, 75, and 50 health — and an agonizing scream when below 25 hp.
Mega Health restores 100 health points, increasing your max health by up to 50 points of bonus health that slowly decays.
Nailguns have a high DPS but can be difficult to aim. You can easily destroy your enemy if you catch them in a tight corridor.
Not every fight needs to be fought. Know when to pick your battles. If your stack isn’t in your favor, gear up before getting back into the fight.
Players drop armor shards when killed. Gather these for a quick boost to your armor.
Quad and Protection Powerups radically change combat and are heavily contested. Be ready for intense battles to claim these resources.
Ranger has reduced self-damage, allowing him to rocket jump more often than other Champions. Use this technique to quickly move around the arena.
Restock on health and armor after each fight, otherwise you’ll be an easy frag.
Scalebearer’s size is a powerful tool. The faster he is moving, the more damage he deals when he collides with an enemy. If you know you’re about to enter a busy fight, build up speed before engaging to cause massive damage.
Scalebearer’s size turns him into a cannonball when using jumppads. Use this to your advantage!
Shotguns are useful not only for close range fights, but also to finish off enemies with low health.
Shrug off enemy fire with the Heavy Armor. Like Mega Health, this is a major item found in only one location on every arena.
Slash can outrun all other Champions. Her Crouch Slide, while difficult to master, allows for unrivaled speed.
Slash can use her Plasma Trails to block enemies from powerups or waiting for the Soul spawn.
Slash requires a steady rhythm to maintain her high speeds. Disrupting her rhythm makes her easier to deal with. Try to hit her with a rocket to slow her down.
Sorlag can see the damage numbers of any player poisoned by her Acid Spit, allowing her to effectively hunt her prey.
The Heavy Machinegun is extremely accurate when zoomed in. Use it to finish off weak enemies at long distances.
The Lightning Gun has high knockback and allows you to keep enemies suspended in the air. Watch for enemies entering jumppads for an easy kill.
The Mega Health pickup is a major item and appears in only one location in all arenas. 
The Railgun is most useful at long distances, as its long cooldown makes you an easy target in close combat.
Think fast if Scalebearer is rushing towards you! You will only have moments to dodge. Try to rocket jump to safety, or quickly move behind cover.
Try the Classic Combo: knock an enemy into the air with the Rocket Launcher, and then finish them off with a Railgun shot.
Try to destroy Galena’s Unholy Totems as quickly as possible. It’s easy to forget where you last saw a Totem and later stumble into it.
Use Galena’s Unholy Totems to booby trap teleporters. This cuts off vital escape paths and catches enemies unaware.
Use Nyx’s wall jump to stay on high ground or cross large gaps. This is vital for her, as she can’t take as much damage as other Champions.
Use the Shotgun or Gauntlet to deal with the Doom Slayer’s Berserk ability.
Use your Teammate Indicator game settings to keep track of how healthy and armored your teammates are, and leaving major items for your nearby team mates who may need them more than you do.
Watch out for Sorlag’s Acid Spit when close to her! Direct hits cause massive damage.
When fighting fast Champions, aim the Rocket Launcher at their feet, as they will be difficult to hit.
When going up a jump pad, you can press into the back wall and hold crouch to grab the ledge when you reach the top to quickly halt your ascent.
When learning how to pronounce VALE OF PNATH, remember, PNATH rhymes with GOTH.
When playing as Ranger, the Dire Orb can be used for a quick escape.
While it can be used defensively, Nyx’s Ghostwalk can also be used to spring traps and surprise enemies.
While providing no offensive power, Visor’s Piercing Sight can be a powerful tool in the right hands. A clever player can read their enemy’s movements and plan traps.
While the Gauntlet can only be used at short distances, it has unlimited use and causes massive damage, making it a perfect weapon for surprise attacks.
You can pick up and carry all the weapons available on maps without any limits. Use Mousewheel or 1-9 buttons by default to cycle through the available guns. 
You cannot swap weapons until they reload. Don’t get caught in a close quarter fight with your railgun out.

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