June 17, 2024

Exile Lore

Only the dust-laden ice holds together these halls at the end of time. Only the jaundiced traces of their sole denizen etch and illuminate their walls.

Penitent Pass

This icy arena lies within The Rift, the dark edge of the Dreamland where the Elder God known as The Lurching King now resides.

The Once High Pass

The Lurching King used to be ruler of the Realm of Black Magic but was defeated by Volkerh and forced out to rule this distand land where he slid off to hide while regaining his strength

Vestibule Of Exile

Whole arena is just a vestibule of Exile and Exile itself belongs after a closed gate that can be seen from The Once High Pass

The Sorrowed Sinkhole

The fallen crown of the Lurching King possessed untold power, even greater than the Rune of Black Magic, hence why Volkerh pursued it. It was never found.

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