June 17, 2024

Play Test Server

The Play Test Server, or PTS, is a build of the game that is not yet complete, but offers a view of what is coming to the game.

Please note that this build is not representative of the final build coming in the next official Live Build update. There may be further features added/removed/shifted as well as additional PTS builds to test these. Also, the patch notes below will always be abridged versions compared to the Live Build. Understanding this is paramount. 

How do I get access to PTS?

You already have it! All players now have access to the Public Test Server. Whether you own Quake Champions on Bethesda Launcher or on Steam you should now have access. It’ll look a little different on each client. On Bethesda Launcher, you should now have a whole different icon for Quake Champions PTS – it’s Black and White (and probably at the bottom of your list of games – so you’ll likely have to scroll down to find it). You can click and drag it up your list to make it easier to find in the future, at which point it’ll look like this:

On Steam, in your Library, you should now have what looks like a whole new listing for a game called “Quake Champions PTS” that should be right under “Quake Champions” in your list of games. Should look like this:

If you don’t see the “Quake Champions PTS” as above, try this: From within the Steam Client, go to the Quake Champions Store page. Just above the Play Game button there should be a blue box that says “Want to participate in the Quake Champions Public Test Server? Click here to install it now.” Click there, and it should add PTS to your Steam Library. If you still can’t find it or have any additional issues, please contact one of our lovely CS team and they can sort you out: https://help.bethesda.net/

In the chance that you got into the game and you’re searching for a public match, but can’t find a game…

Due to the smaller population of players on PTS, there’s a chance you won’t be able to easily find a public match quickly; but you can also use the official Public Test Server forum (exactly where you’re reading this) to add your fellow PTS players to your friends list and organize matches in Custom.

I have some feedback!

Look for a Feedback MEGATHREAD on whichever build PTS is on the official forums, or give feedback in the official discord.

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