June 17, 2024

Tower of Koth Lore

Rising from its viridian morass, its row of skyward teeth speak to the chosen a singular truth: Come to know this key and you will open any lock.

Tower #

The Tower of Koth is a structure which stands in the City of the Gugs in the Dreamlands. The Tower links the Underworld with the upper lands, but the Sign of Koth inscribed on a tower to keep the gugs from returning to the upper dreamland.

City of The Gugs

Gugs are large, black-furred beasts with vertically-opening fanged jaws. Their two eyes protrude from either side of their head, and their limbs terminate in two paws each. Gugs are worshippers of the Great Ones, the gods of Earth who reside in Kadath.


Cathedral #

Unlike other arenas of Ithagnal, Tower of Koth is way more open and it has a green atmosphere. Typical for Netherworld purple color still can be seen where sun shines through dense fog emitted by acid sea outside the Tower.

The Jaws of Koth #

Rancorous Sluiceway

Acid is going from lakes to sea so Tower itself might be a source of acid.

Mephitic Overlook #

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