June 17, 2024

Season 23 Update (6th June 2024)

New Content:

  • Added JETSCREAM, a bubble gun vanity for the starting Nailgun. rewarded at Level 4 of paid BattlePass. also 500 Platinum in store, and 250 Shards in Weapon select screen. 250 Platinum for Shard Bundle.

New Features:

  • Team Player Heads setting – Toggle the display of each team’s player portraits at the top of the HUD in team games

Weapon Updates:

  • Updated Shotgun, increased near and far spread & damage falloff values

Champion Updates:

  • Athena – Fixed cooldown HUD timings
  • Clutch – Starting armor lowered from 100 to 75
  • Scalebearer:
    • Fixed the crash in Ability FX when activating on jumppads
    • Re-activated the now working Bull Rush FX
    • Bull Rush damage lowered from 75 to 50 when moving below 400 ups

Gameplay Updates:

  • Added Team Player Heads to the HUD in all team games
  • Teammate Power-up Carriers (quad, protection, soul, flag) will now show up solid power-up colored when behind walls, so that you can easily find, track, and coordinate with your friendly power-up carrier
  • Added new support to show on the Team Player Heads UI when a player has both Quad Damage and Protection (previously the Quad display would override the Protection display)
  • Reduced power-up and weapon vertical pop-up when dropped

Map Updates:

  • Removed Spring Décor & Environment updates for Awoken, Deep Embrace, Ruins of Sarnath, and Tempest Shrine
  • The Molten Falls – Added spawning platform to Mega Health spawn
  • Tower of Koth (Duel/2v2) – Fixed spectator fixed camera positions that were located outside of the map

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur at the end of the match (right when the matchlimit hit)
  • Fixed Announcer Volume, slider was missing from settings
  • Fixed Scorelimit issues in Unholy Trinity (Announcer and medal placements were incorrectly based on fragcount at the end of the match instead of the score.)
  • Fixed not being able to throw the soul in Sacrifice when someone was directly behind you, by lowering the soul’s player collision radius from 0.8 to 0.3m
  • Fixed potential for wrong first-person pain sounds from occurring when over 100 HP, or when playing a game mode with a base health above 100 HP, or when holding protection
  • Added a cooldown for Champion VO to reduce overlap. (This does not include nor prevent pain sounds or low HP VO from triggering.)
  • Fixed QPL Belt 2023 missing power-up & menu FX shaders
  • Learn section updated with latest weapon changes

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