July 22, 2024

Circle Jump

The Circle Jump gives you a quick speed boost in a short distance, and is often used by players as a way to gain an initial burst of speed as they transition into Strafe Jumping, allowing them to reach higher speeds in a shorter distance. It can also be used to cross gaps that are too large to jump over normally. To perform a circle jump, you must hold forward, strafe, and turn your mouse into the direction you are jumping, all at the same time.

To perform a Circle Jump:

  1. Find a large gap you wish to cross.
  2. Position yourself at a 90-degree angle to the left (in this example) from the direction you wish to jump.
  3. Hold down forward and the left strafe key in the direction of the gap and turn your mouse left, the same direction you are strafing.
  4. Once you have turned a full 90-degrees, jump while continuing to hold both forward and the left strafe key until you land.

This will result in a quick burst of speed in a short amount of time, and will allow you to cross large gaps you were previously unable to traverse.

Combining this with Strafe Jumping will allow you to accelerate quickly, and when mastered can greatly increase your speed.

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