June 17, 2024

Mid-Season Hotfix 19 Update (28th Jule 2023)


New Content:
🌟 New Arena Kings map, DIVIDE – Two opposing cliffsides with minimal cover divided by a foggy ravine that will deal minor damage and teleport the player back up if they fall in!
🌟 New Arena Kings map, MIDAIR – Box map with a no-damage “red zone” at the ground level. Shoot your opponent dealing knockback to knock them up into the air and out of the red zone where they then become vulnerable!

Game Updates:
🔹 Fixed Ranked Duel Champion pick stage
🔹 Separated Arena Kings into its own playlist, now with its own Leaderboard and Skill Rating value

Map Updates:
🔹Ringside – Added a new grid texture to the outer walls, updated loading and lobby art

Service Updates:
🔹 Added new Datacenter locations:
EU, North (Oslo)
NA, North (Toronto)

🔹 Upgraded server hardware for:
APAC, Central (Singapore)
APAC, North (Seoul)
APAC, South (Sydney)
NA, East (Virginia)
NA, Central (Frankfurt)
NA, West (San Jose)

🔹 Upgrade server hardware and new hosting for:
AF, South (Johannesburg)
APAC, West (Mumbai)
EU, East (Warsaw)
NA, Central (Dallas)

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