June 17, 2024

Tempest Shrine Lore

Even without the deranging drone of its moon-beast denizens, the nameless isle still draws Inganok’s ships to be dashed on its lightning-lashed stones.


The Lighthouse sits behind the dark harbor, hungrily reaching from the island with fingers of stone. Second lighthouse can be seen from a distance.

Second Lighthouse

Between the two islands live three sirens, the Sirens of Cthalha. They call sailors from afar and beckon them to set sail towards the islands. Each tower has a generator of sorts that when both are activated causes a great electrical storm between the two. More importantly the combined storm and siren songs cause the sailors to crash upon the rocks where they are slowly devoured.


These are from Inganok, the large city that is located on the southern coast of the Northern continent, that chiefly exports onyx from quarries and mines outside the city to the rest of the Dreamlands by sea.

Nameless Rock, where Tempest Shrine is located, is a jagged granite island near this city, in the Cerenerian Sea. It used to be a permanent settlement of moon-beasts.


Shipwrecked vessels scatter the landscape, with only one crew managing to drag their salty carcass ashore the craggy island.

The figurehead on the ship is a wooden carving of one of the sirens. The sailor that carved it had heard her song and couldn’t get her image out of his head. He set sail never to return.

Siren statue in Waiting Room

The Waiting Room was where worshipers lined up to pay tribute to Cthalha.

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