April 24, 2024

Season 20 Update (29th September 2023)

New Content:
🌟 Fall Podium

Fall Podium


Organ Grinder Gauntlet

🌟 SCORPION Super Nailgun

Scorpion Super Nail Gun

🌟 EELSBANE Lightning Gun

Eelsbane Lightning Gun

🌟 MALEDICTION Quake 2 Railgun

Quake II Railgun

🌟 Visor JACK-O-LANTERN Vanity
🌟 Death Knight CHEF KNIGHT Vanity

🌟 TRENCH Arena King’s Map

New Settings:

  • Selective Picmip Advanced Video Settings

How to enable Picmip.

  • Two new crosshairs added

Game Changes:

  • Champions now have unique VO when killing opponents via a Ring-Out
  • We now sort all unlocked Profile Icons, Nameplates, and Podiums to display grouped together, before listing the unavailable locked customizations
  • Re-Added Duel Rounds, Sacrifice Tourney, Mystery Champions variants, and AAArena to Custom Game
  • Sorted TDM back to the top of the Custom Game game mode list
  • Increased Instagib Fraglimit from 50 to 100
  • Battle Pass – Hide the podium from view in the background

Game Fixes:

  • Fixed Duel Rounds & Sacrifice Tourney modes
  • Fixed Galena’s Totems not clearing dot debuffs when overmax health
  • Display Arena King Rating in Match Lobbies (instead of their Duel SR)
  • Fixed timestamps in Chat
  • Fixed SUMMER BLAST water tank visibility in Ghostwalk
  • Increased the size of the Datacenter UI to support a larger number of datacenters before needing to scroll
  • QCON SNG – Fixed projectile synchronization time
  • Fixed a large number of animation issues for 14 weapons
  • Fixed invalid items that were dropping in lootboxes, causing an empty slot to be awarded
  • Fixed a number of fx issues for the lootbox opening sequences
  • Fixed the rarity levels for the TRESPASSER, TERMINATOR, PAINKILLER, N22, EL DIABLO, and BOOMSTICK Shotgun Shaders
  • Fixed char id for Athena No FX wings (was set to Keel), causing an issue during lootbox openings
  • Constructor SNG – Fixed idle animation state after shooting
  • Fixed a crash in the footstep code crash caused by bots
  • Fixed the ETQW, Q2, Q3, and Q4 railgun hums to match the volume of default rg hum
  • Increased the size of nails for QCON Nailgun
  • Fixed BJ Profile VO actor
  • Added an icon for Arena King Challenges
  • Removed 48 unused vanities to prevent their texture data load
  • Fixed some the rarity level and bundle descriptions for some weapons bundles in the store

Service Updates

  • Anti-cheat Updates
  • Upgraded server hardware and new hosting for:
    • APAC, South (Sydney)
    • APAC, North (Seoul)
    • APAC, Central (Singapore)
    • EU, Central (Frankfurt)
    • EU, West (London)
    • EU, South (Milan) – NEW DATACENTER
    • NA, East (Virginia)
    • NA, West (California)
    • SA, East (São Paulo)


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