June 17, 2024

Mid-Season 21 Update (8th February 2024)

New Content:

  • BOW OF EROS – Valentine’s Day Crossbow Railgun
  • WINGS OF ANTEROS – Valentine’s Day Cupid Wing vanities for all 16 champions
  • Skill Rank Reset & Ranked Event Challenges

Map Updates:

  • Midair: Fixed knockback
  • Vale of Pnath: Disabled railgun ammo pickup

Champion Updates:

  • Athena: Fixed ability HUD
  • Eisen: Only regen up to 50 armor points
  • Galena: Fixed inactive totems clearing debuffs
  • Scalebearer: Bull Rush damage reduction improved from 50 to 60%
  • Scalebearer: Forward acceleration max speed increased from 425 to 450 units per second

Weapon Updates:

  • Shotguns: Fixed a server-side damage validation issue that resulted in blood impacts but no damage dealt
  • Shotguns: Falloff distance reduced from 9.6 to 6.4meters (384 to 256 units)
  • Railgun: Increased starting ammo from 5 to 10 (10 starting, 10 max)

Game Mode Updates:

  • Unholy Trinity: Once again spawn Health and Armor pickups
  • Unholy Trinity: Spawn players with starting Health Points instead of over max health and max Armor Points instead of over-max armor.
  • Unholy Trinity: Added damage bonus scoring system (+1 point for every 100 damage dealt)
  • Unholy Trinity: Scorelimit increased to 250
  • Unholy Trinity: Re-enabled blood pools
  • Sacrifice: Reduced the world collision radius of the soul (0.5meters to 0.0125merters)
  • Sacrifice: Increased the player collision radius of the soul (0.5meters to 0.8meters)
  • Clan Arena: Improved bot logic — they will not stop fighting

Economy Updates:

  • Champion platinum price reduced from 400 to 250
  • Weapon platinum price reduced from 1000 to 500; shard price reduced from 500 to 250
  • Vanity item platinum price reduced from 500 to 250
  • XP Booster platinum price reduced from 300 to 250; shard price increased from 200 to 250, but extended from 3 days to 7 days
  • Rename service platinum price reduced from 1000 to 500
  • Holiday items are now available year round
  • Fixed missing shard offer for Scalebearer’s MILITARY ISSUE GUARD vanity

Sound Updates:

  • Shortened length of explosion sounds from 5-6 seconds to 3 seconds in length
  • Reduced the volume and duration of the rank down sound fx

Misc Fixes:

  • Fixed SCORPION Super Nailgun spectator crash
  • Fixed SCORPION Super Nailgun quad firing & idle animations
  • Fixed nvidia outdated driver issue in Linux
  • Updated Scalebearer passive descriptions
  • Updated Eisen passive descriptions
  • Updated Galena passive descriptions
  • Updated Visor passive descriptions
  • Disabled in-game lore drops (available in Champion progression)
  • Fixed Clutch SUPREME INTELLIGENCE top hat & monocle vanity when attached to the Pro League head

Service Updates:

  • Anti-cheat updates
  • Updated encryption certification

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