July 22, 2024

Ruins of Sarnath Lore

The watchful Eye of the Elder God Cthalha

Untold epochs have passed since the slime-slick stairs were heaved upward from their inky depths, to be swabbed by the tears of tribute.

Mask-like statue of Cthalha’s face

Eye at center of the arena belongs to Cthalha. Statue of Cthalha’s face missing this sixth ruby eye. They think they took it. But she let them have it. It’s Cthalha’s eye both literally and figuratively. Also this eye is known as Awoken Eye.

The Lake

Sarnath was a vast, majestic and powerful city in Mnar. The people of Sarnath had destroyed the ancient city of Ib, where they had dwelled the thuum’ha. 

But one day, on the one-thousandth anniversary of the destruction of the gray city of Ib, as the lake had swelled greatly, the entity Bokrug, whom had been the subject of worship by the people of Ib, meted out the fullness of his revenge on the proud people of Sarnath. And the next day, of the immense city in all its majesty, decadence and vanity, not a trace remained – all there was, was a muddy plain, a realm for water lizards


Time weighs heavy on the Ruins of Sarnath and nature has taken hold, dripping verdant greens into the wreckage of this ancient temple. Now, untold ages after they rose from the inky blackness of the Dreamlands, the Ruins of Sarnath are a blood-soaked killing field where Champions from the waking world fight to the death.


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