July 22, 2024

Vale of Pnath Lore

The vault ghouls whisper that the death-maze of sharp angles could only have been hewn from the solid granite by Koth, the Never-Seen Sleeper In Stone.

Deep within the Netherworld, past the Peaks of Thok, lies this tower of metal and stone.

Ghouls are a species of cannibalistic humanoids who live in the Netherworld and can physically enter the Waking World through crypts.

Vale of Pnath

The Vale of Pnath is a vast pit in the Underworld. The vale is filled with a mountain-sized heap of bones. Nightgaunts often carry their victims to the vale, where they are left to die.

Vale of Pnath is the deepest realm of the Netherworld and a dangerous lightless chasm inhabited by enormous unseen beasts called bholes. Bholes are likely the ancestors of the dholes of Yaddith.

When learning how to pronounce VALE OF PNATH, remember, PNATH rhymes with GOTH and P is silent.

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