May 26, 2024

The Game

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Basics of Play #

Quake Champions is a fast paced arena shooter where you can connect and compete with players from around the world. The game is easy to pick up, and allows players to continue to master simple skills. Pick a Champion and enter the arena, where a variety of game modes await. The objective is simple: kill, or frag, enemy players and score points by completing objectives.

When you spawn into the arena, you start with only one starting weapon – your choice of a Machinegun, Shotgun, or Nailgun. You’ll need to collect more powerful weapons, armor, and health scattered throughout the arena. These will give you a better chance of fragging enemies and staying alive. When you are fragged you lose your gear, but will quickly respawn in the arena with full health.

Collect items by walking over them. When you collect an item, it will disappear for several seconds before becoming available again. There are six types of items you can gather in the arena: Weapons, Ammo, Health, Armor, Hourglasses, and Power-ups.

It’s important for you to begin gathering Weapons, Health, and Armor when you spawn into a match, so you can improve your tactical position and give yourself a greater advantage in combat. Players who start fighting before properly gearing up will often find themselves outmatched in combat.

Always remember to gear up after spawning, and to restock after each fight: Spawn, Gear up, Fight, then Restock.

While Quake Champions is primarily a game about fragging your opponent, there are several key components that are often overlooked. Just as important as earning frags are picking up Health and Armor items before fighting, positioning yourself to gain the upper hand in combat, and timing Item Pick-ups. Controlling the map’s resources is essential to outmaneuvering and defeating your opponent.

In the following Learn sections, you can find information on a variety of gameplay mechanics, including Champions, game modes, advanced movement techniques, weapons, and a whole host of other features!

Good luck, have fun! =)

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