June 17, 2024

Advanced video (Settings)

Advanced video settings defines how the game looks.

  • Enable Bloom – enables bloom effects that appear under bright light and some effects like bright glow around LG beam. Better to disable
  • Enables Flares – effects like camera flares if you are looking at the sun. Better to disable
  • Light shaft effects – toggle the light shaft effects. Light shafts are the god rays from the sun so it’s better to disable it.
  • Water simulation – toggle the water simulation effects caused by shooting or moving through liquids.
  • Scorchmark effects – Toggle the scorchmark effects generated by weapon impacts. However, not recommended, as it can remove vital information such as Acid Spit decals.
  • Selective picmip – Allow the video Texture Quality setting to determine texture resolution. MUST BE SET PRIOR TO MAP LOAD.
    • Clean – Force lower resolution diffuse maps, beyond the video Texture Quality setting.
    • Smooth – Force lower resolution diffuse, normal, and specular maps, beyond the video Texture Quality setting.

  • Enable fog – enable fog volume effects, including fog beyond combat area, so disabling may make background more distractive
  • Transparent particles – toggle whether or not transparent particles should be drawn.
  • Enable screenspace reflections – enable reflections of entities (like items and champions) on liquid surfaces
  • Water caustic FX – toggle water caustic effects on wall surrounding pools of liquid
  • Example of such effect:
  • Weapon effects – Toggle low priority weapon effects, such as muzzle flashes, sparks and smoke. Significantly affects performance

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