May 27, 2024

Season 18 Update (16th March 2023)

⭐ New – Added LOVELESS Lightning Gun Level 1 BP reward, or 1000 Platinum

⭐ New – Added SKULL & BONE Podium

⭐ Added HELL-RAISER Rocket Launcher Shaders to the in-game

⭐ Added TORMENTOR Rail Gun Shaders to the in-game shop

⭐Added LOVESLESS Lighting Gun Shaders to the in-game shop

Map Updates:
🔹 Awoken – Jumppad fix near Heavy Armor
🔹 Crucible – Major performance improvements
🔹 Crucible – Fixed the lava fx coming through the floor below Mega Health
🔹 Crucible – Fixed some collision issues along the lava pit exit ramp
🔹 Crucible – Cleanup of rock mesh around the outside of the map
🔹 Crucible – Removed two breakables near Shotgun

🔹 Crucible – Special health is once again 25hp w/ overstack and 15 second respawn

🔹 Ruins of Sarnath – Fixed collision issue near Light Armor Jumppad in T
🔹 Ruins of Sarnath – Fixed collision issue near Lightning Gun Jumppad
🔹 Ruins of Sarnath – Fixed collision issue at Heavy Armor jumppad
🔹 The Molten Falls – Fixed collision issue at Lightning Gun Jumppad
🔹 The Molten Falls – Fixed collision at Railgun Jumppad
🔹 Vale of Pnath – Fixed collision at Light Armor Jumppad near Mega Health
🔹 Vale of Pnath – Fixed collision issue at the Railgun Jumppad

Game Updates:
🔹 Added Direct I/O – Improves file I/O speeds for Windows 11 users with NVMe SSD drives
⭐ Added Ally Arrow & Enemy Arrow options
🔹 Fixed the self-podium highlighting behavior in the Lobby, when attempting to move another player to your podium position
🔹 Adjusted LOVE SHAFT Lighting Gun sounds – made the hum slightly quieter and the shot slightly louder
🔹 Fixed a crash in the Game Pass build after dismissing a system level error message when the ‘You can join multiplayer games’ privilege is set to ‘Block’
🔹 Removed the Nvidia Reflex code, while working on fixes for AMD cards
🔹 Profile Page UI – Viewing other player’s profile pages will now properly show what Podium they have enabled
🔹 Default damage summation ALL RECENT Damage
🔹 Default teammate health and armor indicators to ON and visibility to X-RAY
🔹 Default enemy outline ON
🔹 Updated backend settings storage to properly track settings between computers
🔹 Leaderboards – Removed “Best Champion” icon
🔹 FX optimizations
🔹 Fixed the dynamic shadow casting of the LOVE SHAFT first person model
🔹 Fixed GALANG projectiles appear to come from above and behind the barrel of the weapon
notes pending
🔹 Fixed audio config storage for Champion Quips, Soundtrack, Heavy Breathing, Hit Beep, Kill Beep, Low Health Warning, and Taking Damage Indicator which was preventing default values to be stored in the configs for new users
🔹 Removed lava footstep code that was causing CPU performance issues on Crucible

Service Updates:
🔹 Bug fixes & optimizations

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