June 17, 2024

Lore Scrolls

To unlock the Lore for your account you must collect Lore Scrolls. These little scrolls unlock one piece to the story of Champions, Elder Gods, and The Lost Ones.

You can see how many scrolls there are and which ones you already have by navigating to the Lore section on the menu.

Where to Find Them #

Lore scrolls are found in breakable pots on the maps. You can find them in any type of playing except ranked as the pots do not spawn in that mode. 

There is a random chance of one appearing when a pot breaks, so keep trying! There is a 5% chance that one will appear in a match, and if one does, there will only be a single scroll in one of the 10-30 pots in the map.

What they look like #

These little scrolls pop out of pots when they are broken. Be quick to pick it up before someone else does! It will make a notification sound when you successfully pick one up.

Why Collect? #

Besides learning the story line of your favorite Champion, collecting the lore scrolls of a champion has a benefit as well. If you collect all 9 of a champion’s lore scrolls, the 10th collection will be the artifact which then opens and unlocks that champions lore skin. 

Unlocking the Elder God lore will unlock weapon shaders. 

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