April 24, 2024

QuakeCon Mid-Season 19 Update (19th Jule 2023)

New Content:

    • New Ranked Mode: Arena Kings – Two Rangers enter, only one will leave victorious. Eliminate the enemy to win the round. Win 10 rounds to claim the crown. Aim training game mode featuring the new Training Stages

    • New Arena: GRIDLOCK – Aim training with room to move

    • New Arena: RINGSIDE – Aim training surrounded by a deadly ring-out zone

    • New Arena: WAREHOUSE – Aim training with cover

    • Quake Pro League 2023 Belt Vanities added (Grand Champion reward)

    • QuakeCon 2023 Store Bundle (available now):
        • QuakeCon 2023 Nameplate

        • QuakeCon 2023 Podium

Champion Updates:

    • Anarki:
        • Fixed injection sound effect not being stopped on death

    • Keel:
        • Grenade Swarm – Changed grenade explosion timing, no longer explodes after 3 seconds, instead it will bounce once and explode on second impact

        • Reinforced – Improved splash-damage reduction from 15% to 20%

        • Reinforced – Added improved self-damage reduction from 50% to 60%

Weapon Updates:

    • Super Shotgun – Reduced in-air knockback from 2x to 1.5x (5 to 3.75)

    • Splash Damage – Reversed the recent trace reversal distance change

Game Updates:

    • Temporarily removed the Cubemap Reflections option due to some issues that persist

    • Fixed Summer Blast animation issues resulting from quad pickups

    • Updated Shotgun fx when Weapon Effects is disabled

    • Reduced maximum warmup time from 120 to 90 sec

    • Rebuilt integrated ShaderCache

    • Added support for nameplates in the store to have descriptive text

Service Updates:

    • Anti-cheat updates

    • Streaming apps no longer need to be ran as Administrator

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