May 27, 2024

Basic Movement

Quake uses the classic ‘WASD’ movement defaults. The WASD keyboard keys are used in conjunction with a right-handed mouse. This allows you to use your left-hand thumb to press the space bar to jump and press C or the L-CTRL key to crouch. To slow your movement to a silent walk, press and hold LEFT SHIFT with your left-hand little finger as you move in any direction.

Run ForwardStrafe LeftBackpedalStrafe Right
JumpCrouchSilent Walk

Many players use different configs and it can be fun to ask fellow Quakers how they play, but ultimately remember that what’s most important is sticking to whatever works best for you.

Tip: In Quake, it is important to stay on the move to make yourself a more difficult target to hit. Learn to fight on the go. Moving slowly either by crouching or silently walking may often be needed to stealthily avoid your opponents but be aware that your slowed movement will make you an easy target.

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