Volkerh Lore Scroll 1

“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 1

1  Blessed is the one who seeks an ending for himself and others, who does not stand in death’s way but permits silence come to the injured and the sick, who leads the beasts that hunt two-legged prey.

2  For only he understands the atrocity of life, of individuality, of creation, and the purity of oblivion.

3  Only in becoming part of a greater whole on the path to oblivion, can anything that lives find meaning. And no greater consumption is there than to become feast to Volkerh, body and soul.”

Volkerh Lore Scroll 2
“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 3

1  Many are the beasts that walk and fly and crawl, and all are as nothing.

2  Nor is man any higher than the lowest beast. Turn away from man and beast, for all are vile, abomination, without meaning or purpose!

3  All is false, even joy and fear and sorrow, and hope most of all.

4  Only in feasting upon and being feasted upon in turn is revealed the barest glimpse of the only true purpose. This the Lurching King learned only in death.

5  This is the gift of Volkerh, Ender of Toil.”

Volkerh Lore Scroll 3
“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 4

1  You do not answer our call, oh Volkerh, Who Walks in Blood, for we are as nothing.

2  Yet your gaping maw is our eternal salvation! Our gateway into death with purpose, the only purpose to which we can aspire.

3  Your prophet M’yriah dreams of you, sings of you, as do we, your timorous flock.

4  Feasting eternally upon the Cenotaph Table, eating away at the root of creation,

5  Reveling in the song of revelatory final screams, and the silent baying of the Empty Hounds.”

Volkerh Lore Scroll 4
“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 11

1  Only those beyond reproach may feed the Whispering One with their own mouths. Only upon them does Volkerh turn his ravening gaze.

2  Even as He walks the path to find the Empyrean Crown, you shall honor him with your own Path of Pain.

3  Walk your twelve thousand steps, with not a morsel to pass your lips, carrying with you the left hand of your most beloved.

4  Let no beast cross your path and live, yet of them you must not eat.

5  And on the twelve thousandth step shall you earn your ablution.”

Volkerh Lore Scroll 5

“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 11

6  Then, oh then, shall you be seen! By an Ichor Mage, or by the Famine-Born, or, should you be truly blessed, by the Gaunt Shepherd M’yriah himself.

7  You will not see them, but there they wait, in the pain of holy starvation. It is beneath their gaze that you will stand.

8  Recite you then the Last Prayer of Flesh, and break your fast upon the hand of your beloved. Then upon you shall the great maw smile, and all you consume be consecrated unto him.”

Volkerh Lore Scroll 6
“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 19

1  Let famine be the declaration of your truth, your glory, let fields lie fallow and crops smolder.

2  Let every tribulation be our voice, rising up in silent veneration,

3  To you and your Gaunt Shepherd, whom you brought to us, consumed and yet returned, one foot in death, to spread the joy of oblivion!

4  For only those who fatten themselves for your benefit, that you may feast upon them, earn the right to feed,

5  And all others left to waste away, as did the Lurching King without his Crown!”

Volkerh Lore Scroll 7

“From The Benedictions of Want, Psalm 33

1  Let my shrieks of agony carry my joy to your ears, Volkerh! Let my offal stain the unhallowed throne of the Lurching King!  Take me, as I have offered myself through the Litany of Cries, and walked the twelve-thousand-fold steps!

2  I hurl myself upon the Cenotaph Table, and gaze upon the rent ribbons that were my flesh. I welcome the feast! I welcome oblivion!

3  Now, Volkerh, Whispering One, take of me that you might make meaning from nihil! Let me become a single step toward your Crown!”