Anarki & Slash

  • Carlton Glover - Officer, Los Angeles Police Department, investigated matters involving Anarki and Slash
  • Dinah Hardwicke - Detective, Los Angeles Police Department, investigated matters involving Anarki and Slash
  • Dr. Clarence Howell - USC Military Researcher, assisted Jyoji in upgrading Anarki.
  • Dr. Ruslan Mamonov - Russian Doctor, pursing experimental cybernetics in Los Angeles
  • Jyoji - Black market cybernetics "doctor", located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
  • Officer D. Rodriguez - Los Angeles Police Department
  • "Skinny" - Anarki's supplier

Athena & Strogg & Peeker

  • Laney Hayes - Athena Hayes's older sister, GDF Academy drop-out
  • Makron - Strogg Chief Warlord
  • William "Billy" Rhodes - Member of Rhino squad

BJ Blazkowicz

  • Anya Oliwa - Head nurse at Zakład Psychiatryczny Maławieś, the The Matawies Serial Killer", member of the Kreisau Circle, American Resistance, B.J.'s partner and wife, and Anthropologist
  • Caroline Becker - Founder and leader of the Kreisau Circle
  • Dr. Krzysztof Oliwa Head doctor at Zakład Psychiatryczny Maławieś
  • Joseph D. Hassett - OSA Director
  • S. Sgt. Pickens - William "B.J." Blazkowicz's staff sergeant at Camp Bullis
  • Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse - Head of the SS Special Projects Division in the German Armed Forces

Clutch & Eisen

  • Akiko Tetsuo - Engineer, Overseer, Heiress to the Tetsuo Corp, wife of Eisen
  • A. Roseburne - Mission Specialist, Tau Ceti F, Tetsuo Corp Mining Colony
  • C03-I - Autonomous Mining Unit "Blinky", Tau Ceti F, Tetsuo Corp Mining Colony
  • F1-E - Autonomous Mining Unit "Scoops", Tau Ceti F, Tetsuo Corp Mining Colony. Friend and Executive Officer to C17-U "Clutch" in the Automaton Army.
  • T. Galvez - Mission Commander, Tau Ceti F, Tetsuo Corp Mining Colony
  • U21-A - Autonomous Mining Unit "Pinchie", Tau Ceti F, Tetsuo Corp Mining Colony

Death Knight & Galena

  • 8 year old girl - Survives Death Knight slaughter; Galena's sister
  • Ashen King - Death Knight
  • Ash-Swimmers - Believed in the Ichor Mage over Galena; followers to Death Knight
  • Black Goat (of the Woods) - Shub Niggurath
  • Gaunt Shepherd - Volkerh
  • He Who Walks in Blood - Volkerh
  • Ichor Mage - Volkerh blood mage
  • Knight; aka the Speaker Under the Soil; Shub Niggurath
  • Loam-Clad God - Druids called upon this god for vengeance against Death
  • Lugh, Ogma, and Morrigu - Foreign Gods (Gaelic Mythology)
  • Narrator of the Death Knight scrolls, deceased pregnant wife of Death Knight
  • Priestess - Survives Death Knight slaughter, mocks him
  • T’zik Oor - Acolyte of Volkerh, known for the oral account of Galena's legend
  • Whispering Tor - the Gnarled Tongue of the Whispering Tor, the god’s own cairn; a corrupted yew tree; Shub Niggurath
  • Whispering Walker - Death Knight

Doom Slayer

  • Daisy - Doom Slayers deceased pet rabbit
  • demon priests of the Blood Temple - captured and entombed Doom Slayer
  • Night Sentinels
  • The Titan - defeated by Doom Slayer
  • the wretch - Shall not be named, fitted the Doom Slayer with his armor


  • D. Marcus - Project Osiris / 2nd Lieutenant
  • Klesk - a chitinid race indigenous to Subic IV
  • M. Tagawa - Private 1st Class Search & Rescue Unit Bravo, located the remains of Lance Corporal Benjamin Keel on Subic IV, Sector Gamma.
  • R. Brighton - Lance Corporal Keel's Sergeant on Subic IV, Sector Gamma.
  • R. Mugabi - Project Osiris / Sergeant

Nyx and Scalebearer

  • Captain Rho - Captain of the Melem Ghost Squad
  • Greiss - Scalebearer's race
  • Melem - Nyx's race
  • Tasia - Nyx's partner
  • The Priors - keepers of the fathom orb


  • Annie - wife of Ranger
  • Gilman - Dr. Wendell Gilman, Lead Researcher, Slipgate Complex. Inventor of the Slipgate.
  • K (daughter) and J (son) - Ranger's children that he cannot remember the names of.
  • Shub-Niggurath- Quake, the enemy of Quake 1, and Elder God that Ranger kills.


  • Haruspex - Tribal Soothsayer
  • Hunter - An Oruk that killed Sorlag's clan mates.
  • Oruk - "Warmbloods", human people that inhabit Tau Ceti F and hunted the Sorg.


  • FLUKE - GRU Official, Head of GRU Biological and Paranormal Research, located in St. Petersburg.
  • Number 17 - Mountain King clone "Visor"
  • Number 18 - Mountain King clone "Gorre"
  • Soldier Prime - A genetic hybrid of Spetsgruppa A elites and Black Dolphin prisoners, the source used to create the Mountain King clones. Visor Prime.
  • TRAPDOOR - KGB Official, Head of KGB Military Technology Division, located in Moscow & presumed dead.
  • W.G. - Dr. Wendell Gilman, Lead Researcher, Slipgate Complex. Inventor of the Slipgate.

Elder Gods


  • Emma Johansen - Archaeologist and diver searching for evidence of Mu. Granddaughter of Gustaf Johansen.


  • Samantha "Sam" Dyer - Chief of Security, Voronya Cave Research Facility. Great-granddaughter of William Dyer.


  • Montell Rice - Commander of the forces at the Slipgate Complex. Great-nephew of Warren Rice.


  • Paul Phillips - Reverend, First Baptist Church, Bolton, Massachusetts. A 9th generation Phillips in the U.S., and relative of Ward Phillips.