Resource collection plays a key role in Quake. Always stay attentive to what items you lack and learn to move deliberately through the arenas, setting a course to pickup key items you need to improve your combat standing. Don’t always rush into combat, try to choose when to fight, and make sure you have the right items in hand before you do.

While aim plays an important role in Quake Champions, sometimes surviving comes down to who was most prepared for the fight. Suppose you encounter an enemy with equal skill; what may ultimately set you apart from your opponent is what we call your stack. A player’s stack is comprised of their total health and armor combined, defining how much damage they can take before being fragged. Let’s take a look at the most important items to pick up to maintain a healthy stack and ensure that you are ready for combat.

Each arena has at least one Mega Health and one Heavy Armor. Players who learn the location of these items, and when they respawn, guarantee themselves a healthier stack, and a great deal more success in combat.

HealthArmorPower UpsOther