Game Modes

Quake Champions consists of 11 game modes, including 6 team modes and 5 non-team mode. It also offer a number of arcade modes for fun casual play. Each mode has a different objective, and they often require different strategies to succeed. Quake will challenge each combatant’s skills and track their progress in these modes.

ModeTeam or SoloPlaylist
Team DeathmatchTeamPractice, Quick Play, Custom
Capture the FlagTeamPractice, Quick Play, Custom
Clan ArenaTeamPractice, Quick Play, and Custom Game
Attack and DefendTeamPractice, Quick Play, Custom
SacrificeTeamPractice, Quick Play, Custom
Sacrifice TourneyTeamCustom
DeathmatchSoloQuick Play, Custom
Classic FFASoloQuick Play, Custom
Time Limit Duel Solo Ranked, Custom
Duel Rounds Solo Ranked, Custom
2v2 TDM TeamRanked, Custom
2v2 CATeamRanked, Custom
Instagib Solo Quick Play, Custom
Team InstagibTeamCustom
Classic Instagib Solo Custom
Unholy Trinity Solo Quick Play, Custom
Unholy Trinity TDM Team Custom
Hot Rockets Solo Quick Play, Custom
Hot Rockets TDM Team Custom
Mystery Champions Solo Custom
Mystery Champions TDM Team Custom
Mystery Instagib Solo Custom
Mystery Sacrifice Team Custom
Aaarena Solo Custom
Lead the Way Solo Custom
Rip and TearSoloCustom
Slide and Slash Solo Custom
Swinger Party Solo Custom
Spam Spam Spam Solo Custom
Flash Lightning Solo Custom