Could Fatal1ty Still Make It As a Quake Pro?

Could Fatal1ty Still Make It As a Quake Pro?

Since the late 90's you couldn't have a discussion about Quake without hearing the name "Fatal1ty." As a teenager Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel started competing in Quake 3 events, and became known for his relentless practice regiment.

His natural abilities in Arena FPS games combined with unmatched work ethic made him one of the most dominant Quake players of all time. If you're curious about how he went on to use his eSports fame to build his brand, In the Keep did a podcast with him last November where they really dive into it.

That was a long time ago though, and the last time Fatal1ty competed in a Quake game at the highest level, was in 2006, and the game was Quake 4. In his final tournament (World Series of Video Games 06'), he was able to get past big names like Ztrider, cooller, and socrates, and ended up losing to Toxjq in a close brawl.

Recently, Fatal1ty has been seen hosting tournaments in the Diabotical community, and sometimes he'll play against friends and fans "for fun" but not at the pro level. Sadly, for Diabotical fans and players alike, the game is no longer going to pump major funding into its eSports scene.

Hey everyone. The test tournament series is coming to a close over the next 2 months. Though a horrible name. It was a nice test for esports longevity, game modes, broadcasting and more.

2gd via reddit

Since Fatal1ty has always tried to support the active AFPS community, speculation on his return to Quake has been growing. These rumors are fun, even if they are purely speculation - because it gets Quake fans wondering...

"Could Fatal1ty still compete with the best Quake players?"

We casuals all have our opinions, but I was more interested to know what the current pros think. Here are are some answers to the question by some of the current top Quake Champions players. Zenaku, CNZ, rapha, and K1llsen.

Zenaku: I think it's possible, I just don't think it would happen on the first time. It would take him a few times.

CNZ: If he would spend a lot of time, he can I think.

Rapha: I don't think so on his first try, he would have to play the game for quite a few months.

K1llsen: He could make it into QPL, but not to the top. If you consider top 3 NA, then yes. But he's not gonna land on #1, no way.

I did not expect some of these answers, and it's humbling to see the current pros still respect the legend.

Do you think @Fatal1ty still has what it takes to dominate in Quake?

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