Season 11 Week 7 Challenges Live!

Season 11 Week 7 Challenges Live!

A new day, and a new week of challenges for us to accomplish. If you are not already familiar Quake Champions has 4 Seasons a year that also correspond with the Battlepass. Meaning we have 4 12 week long Battlepasses a year. We are currently at week 7 marking the half way point for season 11.

A new set of challenges opens up every Wednesday at 10:00PM EAST | 4:00AM CEST. The challenges are broken up in 2 parts. First their week, and then their side left side | right side. The left side consists of the free challenges you can obtain without buying the Battlepass. The right side is accessible after buying the Battlepass. The right side tends to be slightly harder, but gives additional XP as well as shards. Shards can be converted 200 shards = 100 Platinum. You can convert these from the in-game store’s bundle tab at the bottom.

While we are talking about the in-game store this is where you can Buy the Battlepass for 1000 platinum. Platinum is the Premium currency in Quake Champions. If you are using steam I recommended buying from Bethesda directly at this link:

Valve takes 30% of all purchases from steam. The money you buy with platinum goes back to the Quake development project. Just make sure you are logged into your associated Bethesda account, and it should be their by the time you launch the game. If you are using the Bethesda launcher then just purchase it in game as you normally would.

Lastly we have the Battlepass itself which is separated in 2 rows. The top row is the free version. You can acquire all the items here just by playing the game to level up your Battlepass. The bottom row is unlocked only with the purchase of the Battlepass. This is retroactive by the way. So, if you are at level 50 and decide at that point you want to buy the Battlepass. Everything below level 49 will be added to your account. Keep an eye out for level 39 as that level gives you an automatically applied haste salve which gives you Double XP for 7 whole days. Don’t forget to convert your shards if you are short a few platinum.

I hope this post cleared up any confusion about how Quake Champion’s Battlepass | Challenges system works.

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