QuakeCon 2021 Schedule Is Live!

QuakeCon 2021 Schedule Is Live!

Well its that time of year again folks. QuakeCon will be This Thursday, August 19th to Saturday, August 21st. QuakeCon will feature a large array of content from just about all Bethesda/Zenimax corners. For Quake fans right after the 2:00 PM Eastern welcome. We will have id software, AND MachineGames celebrating 25 years of Quake. Kevin Cloud and Marty Stratton from id Software and Jerk Gustafsson from MachineGames discuss the impact and legacy of the original Quake on its 25th anniversary. On Friday the 20th we have 3 Quake related events schedule. The first is at 10:30 AM Eastern we have "Let’s Talk Quake" hosted by Digital Foundry. Second at 4:00 PM the band "Code Orange" is dong a music video currently labeled as "Code Orange vs Quake". Code Orange is a Hardcore Punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And, Lastly we have at 11:00 PM "Alkapone and PipePunk Git Gud at Quake Champions".

Quake Champions Skin: Log in to Quake Champions during QuakeCon and receive this year’s exclusive QuakeCon 2021 Gauntlet weapon skin, profile icon, and nameplate! Available until August 23.

Check out the QuakeCon website for more information, as well as Quakecon merch, and Merch for charities. What’s QuakeCon with out helping others. https://bethesda.net/en/article/DLR1y6pQbTYN37pWfKyt9/quakecon-2021-schedule-giveaways-charities-and-more

Here is a link to the QuakeCon twitter: https://twitter.com/QuakeCon

Here is a link to the official Quake twitter: https://twitter.com/Quake

Day one of the QPL finals is currently scheduled to begin at 8:35 AM Eastern. You can find the YouTube link below.

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