NA QC Duel – Dash Bracket #10

NA QC Duel – Dash Bracket #10

Quake Champions NA duel tournament will be played Friday, March 5th at 8:00pm EST.

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Dash Bracket #10


join it pls 🙂


Pick the server with the lowest common ping on the North American continent.


The official stream takes place at – Feel free to stream your POV of the event, but please use a stream delay of at LEAST sixty seconds. You are absolutely welcome to costream the event while waiting for your next matches, etc.

Bo1/3/5 –

use qrindr and set the seeds appropriately


Grand Finals – use qrindr and set the seeds so that the player from winners side is the higher seed. Discard map 5, as it will automatically go to the winner. Losers Round 1 to Losers Quarters – Starting with the higher seed, each player takes turns dropping maps until one remains. After that, each player bans one champion, then you proceed.

Map Pool

Awoken, Corrupted Keep, Deep Embrace, Exile, Molten Falls, Ruins of Sarnath & Vale of Pnath


After streamlabs fees, all donations on stream during the event will go to the prize pool, paid out via PayPal w/ a 60/30/10 split.


Any issues, ask nyxia-, and her word has final say. If you can come to an agreement before reaching out, that is wonderful.

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