Fragfest #50

Fragfest #50

Friday looks to be a lot more fragtastic with another Fragfest taking place. This European based tournament is holding it's 50th edition tomorrow June 19th. Want to join in on the action? Get signed up and see if you can make it to the Playoffs!

Date and time: June 19th 2020, 20:00 CEST / 19:00 BST

Rules: All games shall be played on Timelimit duel
The match shall be played on EU Central server unless both players agree on a different server.

Group stage with 3 players per group.
Top 2 players on each group make it over to the playoffs.
Group stage matches are BO1.
The players should report the score of the match.
The tiebreaker in the group stage is number of frags, if still tied then frag difference, if still tied then the winner of the match between the two players shall be the tiebreaker.
Playoff matches are BO3.

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