Rocket Jump Zone 2v2 Cup 2

Rocket Jump Zone 2v2 Cup 2

Are you ready to see the top European 2v2 team take on the top North American 2v2 Team? Next week tune in or join the competition to see which side of the world takes the victory.

This is a perfect time for a rematch! In Cup 1 European team diarrheaslur, consisting of PULZz and Enesy of Denmark, won over team Relurtle, consisting of Festive Turtle and Relish of the United States. Will we see these two teams face off in the finals once more, or will a new victor emerge?

Register or follow the bracket here:

Stream (ENG) -
Admin: Ch4mp, Caster: TBD
Skill level: Any

Tournament start:
Jun 27, 8PM CEST / 2PM EDT (check-in 45 mins prior)

Sponsored by Prevail Gaming -
jbacc - $25

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