Season 7 Summer update!

Season 7 Summer update!

If you have been paying attention you know this update is going to be amazing. Packed with a New Map, Tower of Koth, 3 weapons, and a slew of fixes. Get ready for an action packed season to earn the battle pass.

Tower of Koth

“Rising from its viridian morass, its row of skyward teeth speak to the chosen a singular truth: Come to know this key and you will open any lock.”

The new map, Tower of Koth, is an arena for Duel, TDM, DM, CA, IG, and many of the arcade modes. The map features 2 larger fighting areas in the Tower and Cathedral rooms, two mid sized areas in the Window and Railgun room, and two smaller transition rooms, the Basement and Banana.

Weapons: All (heavy machine gun, super shotgun x2, super nailgun, tri-bolt, rocket launcher x2, lightning gun, railgun) 

Power ups: Quad and Protection (Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch)

This map is the 3rd Ithagnal Netherworld map in the game coming after Lockbox and Vale of Pnath. Most notably in this series we see Ithagnal’s signature acid and spikes. The feel is eerie and foreign, but right on par of a Netherworld realm.

Quake 4 Weapons

Even though they were touting that the “Map was the Update” the development team managed to squeeze in a few Quake 4 Legacy weapons to juice up the Battle Pass.

Level 1
CITIZEN KANE – Q4 Blaster Pistol
(Starting Machinegun)
Level 50
(Super Shotgun)
Level 100
RAVAGER – Q4 Hyperblaster 
(Super Nailgun)
  • CITIZEN KANE – Q4 Blaster Pistol (Starting Machinegun)
  • PAINKILLER – Q4 Shotgun (Super Shotgun)
  • RAVAGER – Q4 Hyperblaster (Super Nailgun)
  • NEW LORE! Commander at the Slipgate – Collect all 6 to unlock the Heavy Machinegun, Super Shotgun, and Super Nailgun Master Shaders.

More Updates

Clan Arena Updates

  • Fixed CA 4v4 round spawns, teams now swap sides each round
  • Lowered round score limit from 10 to 7
  • Fixed ties resulting in both teams earning a point, causing total round counts to exceed the required round score limit
  • Reduced intermission time between rounds by half (10 to 5 sec)
  • Removed the “Prepare Your Team” VO from round start after Round 1
  • Removed ability cooldown icons from HUD team heads
  • Fixed scoreboard sorting issues


  • Reduced size of soul collision from 3m to 1.6m radius

Unholy Trinity

  • Power-up spawns return for the duration of Season 7

Misc Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed Timelimit Duel champion select UI which was visible on some aspect ratios on the death screen
  • At the end of the match, briefly delayed exiting the arena after the match’s objective or scorelimit has been reached so players and spectators can view the final frag.
  • K/D Ratios unified to the same formula for consistency across various scoreboards
  • Fixed SLASH DARQUE skirt shader support
  • Fixed BJ PRO LEAGUE knife vanity placement
  • Fixed MOONSOON third person shader support
  • Fixed MARAUDER shotgun shells not vanishing on Nyx during Ghostwalk
  • Fixed ERASER weapon fx not vanishing in Nyx Ghostwalk
  • Fixed PUMMEL gauntlet, removed an untextured mesh visible at all times but most visible during Nyx’s Ghostwalk
  • Fixed SHAFT bloom on Tempest Shrine
  • Removed ability on respawn for Rip and Tear arcade mode
  • Fixed the image quality of the Profile Icons in lootbox presentations
  • New orange shaders or all weapons available for preview
  • Updated black shaders, making them black instead of charcoal gray
  • Updated the Watch Browser to display the official QUAKE stream


  • Added Doom Slayer pain and death sounds
    • Set of <50 hp grunts
    • Set of <25 hp grunts
    • Set of death sounds
  • Removed the 15 frags and 10 frags left VO from Time Limit Duel
  • Reduced the volume of Visor’s non-HRTF third-person footsteps
  • Reduced the volume of the ability ready sound effect
  • Reduced the volume of the champion main menu and prematch SFX & VO
  • Reduced the volume of Athena’s abiltity VO and hook sound effects.


  • Fixed collision on floor between Rocket Launcher and Heavy Armor jumppad, where the floor slightly ramped up in one doorframe, which could interrupt crouchsliding movement.
  • Fixed collision on floor between Mega Health and Railgun walkway, where the floor slightly ramped up in one doorframe, which could interrupt crouchsliding movement.

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