PTS Update

PTS Update


  • Arms Race updated
  • Ring-outs now count towards your kill counts to unlock weapons
  • Get kills to earn the next weapon in the sequence:
    RL – 8 kills
    LG – 7 kills
    RG – 6 kills
    HMG – 5 kills
    SSG – 4 kills
    SNG – 3 kills
    TB – 2 kills
    G – 1 kill
  • Fixed hole in BJ mesh when combining the SNOWMAN vanity with the SUMMERTIME torso, and either the BOMBER JACKET or COMBAT FATIGUES head.
  • Fixed Scalebearer SNOWMAN vanity positioning and missing head mesh on lobby pillars
  • Added 3 new Winter Nameplates to the free Battle Pass path.
  • Added a store bundle to unlock The Original shaders
  • Added a store bundle to unlock the Eradicator QUAKE WARS shader
  • Removed inaccessible vanity weapon shaders from Customization (until offers or opportunities are made available for that weapon)
  • Reverted recent Doom Slayer Berserk changes to live values

1Known Issues: BJ Mesh fixes in the next build, Store art for new bundles coming in the next build. Both fixed in the early morning build in ~10 hours.

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