Day 1 of Lucca

Day 1 of Lucca

The Quake Pro League completed play for day 1 of the Stage 1 Finals in Lucca.

The bracket started out with the 4 challengers matches. Challenger cYpheR took on Quake Pro League GaRpY with a victory of 3 to 2. GniK challenged QPL br1ck and won with a 3 to 2 score. dooi versus QPL sib came out with dooi on top with a 3 to 0 ending. And finally cnz challenged Spart1e and came up victorious 3 to 1. All 4 challengers are now officially QPL players by winning their first matches and knocking out the pros.

The bracket play for Saturday went on to complete the RO16 matches and will continue at 2 am CT for the RO12 through completion on Sunday November 3rd. Don’t forget to change your clocks for the USA spectators!

The remaining players in the bracket are: Xron, cYpheR, DaHanG, Av3k, nosfa, psygib, vengeurR, base, rapha, RAISY, Cooller, and k1llsen. Check out the Liquipedia for full match details.

Hawr1x from sent us some photos from the day of play:

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