Week 4 Challengers are open for signups

Week 4 Challengers are open for signups

While the Quake Pro League will showcase the current best players in the world, hungry challengers will have their chance to unseat the pros in the Quake Challengers! Weekly online competitions in parallel to the Quake Pro League are open to all players in the Americas and Europe Region. Take your chance!


Last week myztroHELL and klyb placed themselves for the Challengers Playoffs at the end of the stage for the Europe Region. While Romaska and sUPREMEGTI did the same for Americas Region.

You can now signup for coming Saturday 17 October 2020 and compete for another two spots per region. Make it to the Saturday’s finals and you earned your spot for Challengers Playoffs of the Quake Pro League Season 2: Stage 1

Check-out the rules: https://quake.pglesports.com/quake-challengers-ruleset.pdf

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