Vengeur Stage3 Recap + Giveaway 1000 Platinum

Vengeur Stage3 Recap + Giveaway 1000 Platinum

Check out this new video by Quake Pro League player Vengeur. In this video he breaks down some of the possibilities we have for the QPL finals. The most interesting detail to note is that k1llsen, VengeurR, and cypher all have 6 match wins with Just 1 match Loss each. Both cypher, and vengeurR have a Map Difference of +9. While k1llsen has +11. We certainly have some close match ups going into week 12. If you want to follow the Quake Pro League check out the link below.

And, you can catch Quake Pro League Sundays at 10AM EAST | 4PM CEST

Twitch Quake (English)

Additionally Vengeur is having a giveaway of 1000 Platinum. Quake Champion’s premium in game currency. Comment the correct leaderboard results you think we will see for week 13 in the video’s comment section. Make sure to follow Vengeur’s instruction as the giveaway entry ends This Sunday July the 25th before the start of the QPL This would be 4PM CEST | 10AM EAST. This is a great opportunity for anyone just getting into Quake Champions. 1000 platinum is the exact amount you need to unlock the Battlepass. Alternatively, if you have the Battlepass check out the in game store for more goodies like new outfits, or weapon skins.

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