Quake Champions Season 9 Winter Patch is live!

Quake Champions Season 9 Winter Patch is live!

For this patch a new map Exile is available and also a CTF version of The Longest Yard. The most important balance change is that now CTF is better balanced between fast movement champions and slower ones. So CPM movement champions won’t just run away with the flag easily anymore because of the flag drag and champion movement speed cap now properly works.

Patch notes:

New Map – Exile

“Only the dust-laden ice holds together these halls at the end of time. Only the jaundiced traces of their sole denizen etch and illuminate their walls.”

  • A new arena has been discovered – Exile!
  • Exile is a wintery ice-themed map hailing from The Rift, the dark edge of the Dreamland where The Lurching King now resides.
  • Available in Duel/TDM/DM/CA/IG/UHT/HR

New Map – The Longest Yard CTF

  • A remix on the classic, this mirrored teamplay version of The Longest Yard is now available in CTF

New Custom Game Arcade Mode – InstaCTF

  • An all-Athena Instagib Capture the Flag mode. Grapple the the flag, defend your teammates to help them across.

New Store Offers!

  • SHAMBLER ARM Lightning Gun – To Ranger’s pleasant surprise this glistening clawed limb, torn from fresh slaughter, still keeps a charge.
  • FREEZE GUN Super Nailgun – Available once more for a limited-time, Pelt your enemies with a barrage of snowballs with this winter themed SNG.
  • COUNTRY FLAGS 2 – 114 new country flag profile icons
  • SALES – Outfits up to 70% off and Weapons up to 60% off

In-game PRO LEAGUE Rewards

  • Quake Pro League title belts added for QPL Championship victors!

Season 9 Battle Pass

  • 55 winter vanities
  • 107 new profile icons
  • 6 New Lore scrolls, The Music in the Darkness, when fully collected unlocks the MASTER SHADER for the Lightning Gun and Railgun

Capture the Flag

  • MercyLimit now only takes affect in Round 2
  • Added scoring bonuses for killing the flag carrier(+1), retrieving the flag (+1), and capturing (+5)
  • Blood Covenant and Ruins of Sarnath are also now playable in ctf.
  • Added Flag Drag, causing Flag Carriers’ maximum movement speed to be reduced to 80%. Movement below these reduced limits remain uninhibited. Examples:
    • Ranger’s top speed of 1000 ups reduced to 800 ups.
    • Crouchsliders /Air-Dodger’s top speed of 750 ups reduced to 600 ups.
    • Sorlag’s top speed of 625 ups reduced to 500 ups.


  • Leaderboards & Ranks reset!
  • Minimum spawn radius increased from 35m to 42m

TDM 2v2

  • Leaderboards & Ranks reset!


  • Fixed exploitative hiding spot outside the Mega Health window

Blood Covenant

  • Playable for CTF in Quick Play, Practice, and Custom Game.

Ruins of Sarnath

  • Playable for CTF in Quick Play, Practice, and Custom Game.

Deep Embrace

  • Fixed exploitative hiding spot outside the Rocket Launcher window
  • Widened the jumppad trigger at the Rocket Launcher jumppad 
  • Fixed two collision exploits
  • Removed a thin collision ledge near the Rocket Launcher staircase health bubble
  • Fixed collision at tri-bolt shards, rockets could be fired into the wall at shards

Champion Movement

  • We now properly enforce maximum speed caps for Champions both in the air and on the ground. Previously speed caps only applied to Champions on the ground, but they could indefinitely go beyond their speed cap if they remained airborne via Rocket Jumps. We now still allow such similar bursts of speed from RJs to initially go over their maximum speed, but now those characters will have their air speed degrade down to the intended speed cap. The largest impact of this change will be in CTF when some characters attempt to cross the map in seconds to either attack the flag, escape with the flag, or chase to retrieve the flag. In these situations you’ll see that the Champions who can currently go above their intended max speed will now be somewhat kept in check.


  • Anarki – Max speed 15.625 m/s (625 ups) to 16 m/s (640 ups) – This small increase was made to help counterbalance the new air resistance that lowers airborne champions to their max speed.
  • Athena – Max speed 50 m/s (2000 ups) to 25 m/s (1000 ups) 
  • Clutch – Max speed 20 m/s (800 ups) to 17.5 m/s (750 ups)
  • Slash – Max speed 20 m/s (800 ups) to 17.5 m/s (750 ups)
  • Sorlag – Fixed the body banking (A/D and W/S) animations that would cause her torso to rapidly shift position when attempting to change horizontal direction. 
  • Sorlag – Max speed 15 m/s (600 ups) to 15.625 m/s (625 ups) – This mall increase was made to help counterbalance the new air resistance that lowers airborne champions to their max speed.
  • Strogg & Peeker – Max speed 20 m/s (800 ups) to 17.5 m/s (750 ups)


  • Extended the max Railgun range from 150 m (6k u) to 250 m (10k u), necessary for the distances present on The Longest Yard CTF

Post-Game Scoreboard & Statistics UI

  • Fixed damage scoring system persistence to post-game scoreboards & summaries
  • Added ability damage to post-game statistics tab! The damage stat will now show your combined weapon and ability damage dealt.

Vanity Weapons

  • Quake Pro League Title Belts added for QPL Championship victors!
  • Toned down INCINERATOR Plasma Beam 3rd person fx
  • Fixed the Moonstriker’s muzzle offset

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