Quake Champions Season 10

Quake Champions Season 10

Quake Season10RangerVanities Body


  • TERMINATOR – Quake III Arena Legacy Shotgun
  • LAST JUDGEMENT – Quake III Arena Legacy Rocket Launcher
  • CAMPER GONE FISHING – Backpack, Fishing Rod, & Dopefish Ranger Vanity
  • SPOILS OF ARMAGON – Quake Scourge of Amagon-themed Ranger Vanity: Mjolnir and Horn of Conjuring
  • ENFORCER HELMET – Quake Enforcer-themed Ranger Vanity
  • FIENDISH HOOD – Quake Fiend-themed Ranger Vanity


Basic weapon shaders for Terminator, Last Judgement, and Peacemaker weapon Vanities have been added.


  • Corrupted Keep
  • Fixed exploitative hiding spot outside the shard hallway ring-out
  • Deep Embrace
  • Fixed Dire Orb exploits near Heavy Armor
  • Updated collision near Heavy Armor oil lamp where some players could previously get stuck
  • Exile
  • Redid map lighting – darker environment with improved contrast
  • Updated all map collision, fixing issues that included getting inside walls, jump pad behavior, and spawning below the floor
  • Updated bot navigation
  • The Molten Falls
  • Updated collision to fix an exploit near the Rocket Launcher wall


  • Death Knight
    • Increased fireball damage from 20 to 25 each
    • Increased fire trail time from 5 to 7 seconds
    • Added 30 knockback (fireball projectiles)
    • Removed splash damage falloff


  • Capture the Flag – Restored the mercy limit to take effect in Round 1
  • Mecha Sorg Vanity – Added missing gore to Sorlag’s Mecha outfit. Now fully gib-able!
  • Shambler Arm Vanity – Added a firing animation to the shambler hand & fingers.
  • Old Painless Heavy Machinegun – The chaingun model will now lower out of view when zooming in
  • Terminator Super Shotgun – The Q3 Shotgun now has a pump-action reload animation

Source: Quake® Champions Official Website | Season 10 Spring Update (bethesda.net)

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