QAL 3v3 Instagib

QAL 3v3 Instagib

The Quake Amateur League is hitting off another event, this time a 3v3 instagib tournament. Participants must have less than 2000 duel ELO or less than 2500 2v2 ELO. If you don’t have a team that is okay! You may join as an individual, you will be grouped up once check-in’s are complete.

Discord –

When: Saturday, September 5th @ 2pm EDT / 8pm CET


  • First place team will win $70 USD (minus exchange fees, if recipient outside of US)
  • Second place team will win $40 USD

*Must have a valid Venmo or Paypal account to receive prize money.

Map List:

Each team picks one map

  • Awoken
  • Blood Covenant
  • Molten Falls
  • Tower of Koth

If a tiebreaker is required, TIE BREAKER MAP: Corrupted Keep

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