PTS Update

PTS Update

Some exciting changes coming to Quake Champions, and I don’t just mean the new map. If you are a CTF fan you will need to hold onto your hats, as this update is going to rock your world. So get your flag running shoes out and let’s give this one a nice test to see how it plays.

Change-log below:


  • Map Name
    • I’m currently trying out some long form names that I’ve been deciding between. In this build, the map is currently known as Vestibule of Exile, therefore in Custom Game you will now find the map at the end of the mappool list.
  • Item Layout Testing
    • Based on feedback from our Discord #public-test-server, we are testing an item layout change. This change isn’t necessarily meant to be final or complete, but instead moves some of the more powerful items to test how it alters flow and map control. In today’s build the Rocket Launcher is now located above the Heavy Armor jumppad, and the Power-up spawn has been moved to the central upper tower where RL was previously located. Offhand, I believe this change does make the map more difficult to control as you can no longer attempt to hold just the main Mega Health cavern, however, it currently leaves that upper area too empty, is probably missing something and may need further items to flush it out.
    • Additional item changes include slightly moving the Super Shotgun further away from the nearby wall, and moving the health near the upper Light Armor room slightly further away from the angled support column to make both items easier to pickup while moving through the map.
  • Updated the trigger area of the Railgun jumppad, previously you had to step fairly far onto the jumppad model before the push would be triggered.
  • Added Clan Arena support
  • Updated map collision, ability collision, etc to prevent players from clipping into the map visual surfaces. A few known areas remain, but the majority of this work is complete.
  • Updated map art, fog, lighting, etc. Still a WIP.

DOOM Slayer

  • Testing a small Double Jump delay of 2.5 seconds between triggering each double jump. An audible cue has been added that relays both the information of the boots recharging and when the next jump is available. Such a delay may take some time to get used to, and I’m not yet sold on whether this implementation is ideal, but it is something I have been wanting to test for some time. Give it a shot and please provide feedback in PTS in regards to how you feel about any delay, the current delay length, and the audible indicators provided in the Discord PTS channel.


  • Fixed the body banking (A/D and W/S) animations that would cause her torso to rapidly shift position when attempting to change horizontal direction. 

Champion Movement

  • We now properly enforce maximum speed caps for Champions both in the air and on the ground. Previously speed caps only applied to Champions on the ground, but they could indefinitely go beyond their speed cap if they remained airborne via Rocket Jumps. We now still allow such similar bursts of speed from RJs to initially go over their maximum speed, but now those characters will have their air speed degrade down to the intended speed cap. This actually has little impact on the game in most scenarios. The largest obvious impact will be in CTF when some characters attempt to cross the map in seconds to either attack the flag, escape with the flag, or chase to retrieve the flag. In this situations you’ll see that the Champions who can currently go above their intended max speed will now be somewhat kept in check.


  • Minimum spawn radius increased from 35m to 42m

Capture the Flag

  • MercyLimit now only takes affect in Round 2
  • Added Flag Drag, causing Flag Carriers’s maximum movement speed to be reduced to 80%. Movement below these reduced limits remain uninhibited. Examples:
    • Ranger’s top speed of 1000 ups reduced to 800 ups.
    • Slash’s top speed of 800 ups reduced to 640 ups.
    • Sorlag’s top speed of 600 ups reduced to 480 ups.
  • Added scoring bonuses for killing the flag carrier(+1), retrieving the flag (+1), and capturing (+5)

Post-Game Scoreboard & Statistics UI

  • Fixed damage scoring system persistence to post-game scoredboards & summaries
  • Added ability damage to post-game statistics tab

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