Organ Grinder –

Organ Grinder –

Organ Grinder is an event created by Jehar and is about casting duels for different AFPS games. The duel will be a best of 3 in the one game you selected but with different maps you choose.

You can sign up for this but also need to find an opponent to duel with and he also needs sign up. From which region you are doesn’t matter but you need to be able to show up at the given timeslot.

First event: March 6th

Gametype: BO3 DUEL

75/25 Pot split for cash prize

Sign up: Organ Grinder (Disclaimer only 7 matchups will be streamed so you have to be fast to sign up. SIGNUP PERIOD: FEB 7 – FEB 14)

Stream: TastyspleenTV


Twitter: (@tastyspleentv)

Games: Quake Champions, Quake Champions: Doom Edition, Doom 2, Quake World, Quake 2, CPMA, Quake 4, Quake Live, Diabotical, DOOMBRINGER, Warfork, Reflex.

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