German Quake Community – Duel Season #4

German Quake Community – Duel Season #4

Hello dear members of the Quake community Everyone has been waiting for this and now it's here!

Register now, tell your arena friends and pass it on. There is something for every Elo range. Except for the elite players, sorry 🙂


  • Registration End: 20.02.2021 12:00
  • Start of the Cup:  20.02.2021 13:00 (kick off stream)
  • Group Phase end: 26.03.2021 23.59
  • 3. Place Finals: 27.03.2021 13:00 (League 1-4 Bo5)
  • 1. Place Finals 28.03.2021 13:00 (League 1-4 Bo5)

Tournament setup:

So we hope for a lot of registrations and we are looking forward to you joining the tournament.

Register as follows -> Our Discord link:
Channel "#cup-signup" enter your ingamename with -> (sign up INGAMENAME)


Feel free to ask questions about various topics in the #cup-general discord channel.

See you in the arena and on our Discord.
See you soon from the organizers of GERQC Duel Season #4 MaDFoX, Lomogs, Tensolin, RicoTheSecond and Thyr

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