Estoty Duel Tournament #27 (on Friday again ;)

Estoty Duel Tournament #27 (on Friday again ;)

The 27th edition of the Etsoty Duel Tournament series will be on Friday April 16, at 17:00 CEST. Non-PRO competitors from every elo rang. There is a weekly guaranteed prize pool of 100$. Also anyone can donate & increase prize pool.

Sign up: QC Tournament series #27
Discord: KaVlaS’s Channel
Donate: (use free coupon code Estoty27 to add $0.25 to the price pool)

Tournament admin:

Game Mode:
Duel Timelimit
Double elimination

Tournament maps:
Corrupted Keep
Deep Embrace
Ruins of Sarnath
The Molten Falls
Vale of Pnath

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